Drumhouse : Honouring a Cultural Heritage

Traditional Teochew music and instruments as well as Teochew opera elements (including elaborate music, costumes, makeup and vocals) to shows the stories with a twist of slightly different take, with the metallic tones of the gamelan, the varying timbre sounds of the shigu drums while drawing on Zamzuriah Zahari’s traditional Kelantanese Mak Yong and Mek […]

Pentas Seni Merdeka

Pentas Seni Merdeka is a monthly, free, public arts initiative aimed at increasing social equity through public space activation and further poising Downtown KL to become a creative and cultural district. The first edition launched in July 2022 which featured Ronggeng Melayu with a myriad of other activities including workshops, interactive activities, demonstrations, displays, food […]

Menempa Tari Tradisi

Setanggi Tari Melayu merupakan himpunan persembahan tarian klasik dan tarian tradisi masyarakat Melayu kepada masyarakat umum.Tarian Joget Gamelan, Tarian Mengadap Rebab, Tarian Terinai, Silat Tari, Tari Inai, Tarian Joget, Tarian Zapin, Tarian Inang, Tarian Asli serta tari-tari tradisi yang lain akan dipertengahakan dalam projek ini. Event Date :24 Dec 20223.00pm, 8.30pm 25 Dec 20223.00pm VenuePanggung […]

Rentak Bumi 2.0

Rentak Bumi, is an exciting Multi-Cultural dance celebration covering contemporary, traditional and modern dances reflecting Malaysia’s rich cultural diversity that will be presented live on stage through showcasing Malaysia’s heritage and culture through performing arts for the benefit of the general Malaysians.

Jaya Ram : A Magnificent Malaysian Performance

Jaya Ram will be Sutra Foundation’s major Odissi production for 2022. A new and original Odissi production commissioned to Guru Gajendra Kumar Panda, one of Odisha’s brilliant dance makers after several field researches with Dato’ Ramli. This will be a world premiere in Malaysia and subsequently Malaysia-India tour. The proposal includes virtual performance of ‘KitaTariKita’ […]

The Temple of Fine Arts Year End 2022 Productions

The project aims to showcase 3 main performance of Listening to The Trees (Ankur), Nadopasana, and Kadambari. Performance consists of multi-layered, multicultural musical performance that feature local Malaysian talents.