Persatuan Alumni Aswara (Alumni Aswara)

Persatuan Alumni ASWARA representing ASWARA in advocate values of National Arts & Heritage. ASWARA was established in 1994 by the Government of Malaysia under the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism. Originally it was known as Akademi Seni Kerbangsaan (ASK) but in 2006 it was changed to AKADEMI SENI BUDAYA DAN WARISAN KEBANGSAAN. ASWARA is Malaysia’s only public university dedicated entirely to the arts, both contemporary and traditional, and committed to academic and artistic excellence in a wide range of areas leading to diploma, baccalaureate degree, masters, and doctorate.

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Sarong Diplomacy: Unity In Cultural Diversity 2022

Persatuan Alumni Aswara (Alumni Aswara)
October 2, 2022