Moka Mocha Ink

Moka Mocha Ink was founded and is run by Ridhwan Saidi and Nurul Aizam and has a focus on publishing series of novellas by local contemporary writers with heavy literary nuances.

NURUL AIZAM is a Malaysian theatre and film producer. She co-founded Moka Mocha Ink in 2011 and has worked on editorial section of the publishing house. She’s been expanding her creative endeavour and plunged into media by producing and managing multiple short films and theatre productions.

RIDHWAN SAIDI is a Malaysian independent filmmaker, writer/playright and practitioner. He co-curated Pesta Playlet in 2019, an artist-run nonprofit common ground for performance-based initiative.

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Teater Normcore: Tahun-Tahun Seorang Novelis

Moka Mocha Ink
December 23, 2022